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Why self care is ESSENTIAL

Today was one of “those” days where my son just wasn’t himself, fussed all day, barely slept and we all knows those precious hours of nap are heaven sent for a tired mama. I used to think of self care as selfish, I was constantly beating myself up for not dedicating every waking moment to the care and happiness of my bouncing baby boy. That is NOT ok and drove me ragged, my body craved some quiet time, a cup of tea and a book.

I just finished reading a fabulous book called “Grace not Perfection” by Emily Ley and if you haven’t read it just do yourself a favor and go get yourself some amazon prime loving…ORDER IT. In the book Emily talks about your “cup” and if your cup is empty what do you have to give? Not a whole lot let me tell you! If you don’t take the time to fill up your cup with things that you are passionate about, they don’t even have to be calming things they could be something as simple as spending quiet time with your little one reading or whatever makes you feel at peace. If you are running 900 errands, doing laundry, endless dishes, having no organization, carpool, play dates, and heck even work for those bad ass mamas you will at some point empty your cup. You’ll have nothing left to offer and those bags under your eyes will start settling in their permanent home.


Self care can mean many things to many people and you should take a little time to figure out what self care means to you.

For me self care consists of:

Long hot baths

Tea/wine cuddled in a blanket

A great workout




Netflix with my hubs

Laying in my bed not being disturbed


Walking my dog

DIY projects

Im sure I could go on with things I love that calm me but I won’t bore you. Your babies are loved and cared for by you and want you to love and care for yourself. You have to have some energy, positivity and patience to give to your family so for the 100th time… TAKE CARE OF YOU! You is important, you is kind, you is a mama… anyone see this meme on facebook? It totally resonates with me because damn Jackie! I am important! Mostly to just my family but still! I do everything I can for my baby and now I am putting myself first for a change.

One of my fave Lush masks!


My husband and I now have a schedule where when he comes home from work I go to a spin or yoga class and just that drive to the gym, hour of class and drive home gives me 2 hours to myself that day that I can recharge, listen to my music or podcast, get out some stress in a work out and have some quiet. I can’t tell you how much those gym runs mean to me, they don’t have to be to the gym you could go to the grocery store, coffee shop, for a walk, get a pedicure, the options are endless.


Spend sometime this week and write down what calms you, where you can squeeze a little me time in and implement this! You and your family will greatly benefit from a little relax time for mama, trust me. You do A LOT and mean so much to your family, you may feel guilty but trust me they want this for you as much as you do. Fill up your cup this week, you are important.


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