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Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Making salt dough ornaments is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. We make them of our puppy every year and now our son. Not that our dogs paw changes much but as the years to come I can’t wait to see the differences in our son’s hand. You can make so many cute things with the salt dough not just hand and paw prints, you can use Christmas cookie cutters to make fun designs and to make some natural coloring for the dough you can use things like beet root for red or turmeric for yellow. The possibilities are endless when it comes to salt dough ornament making. I’ll give you the recipe and some pictures of what we did with ours!

1 cup flour ( plain or whole wheat)

1/2 cup table salt

1/2 cup water

Pre heat oven to 240F/120C. 

Mix it all the ingredients up I actually find just using my hands to be the most effective. You can add more water if it’s too dry or flour if it’s too sticky to find the perfect dough consistency. 

Roll the dough out with a rolling pin or water bottle if you don’t have a pin as thin or thick as you want. The thicker you have it the heavier it will be and longer you’ll need to cook it. You can make a little plaque if you want to make it thicker as well instead of an ornament. 

Make a hole at the top with a straw, pencil or end of a paint brush.

Bake for 2-3 hours until it is dried and hard. 

Decorating is the fun part! If you didn’t dye your dough like me then you can paint it with acrylic paint any way you want! Glitter, sequins, markers I mean whatever you have on hand is perfect to give these little beauties some life! Such a fun thing to do with the kids around the holidays and cheap keepsakes to send the grandparents as well!


– If you plan to do a dog’s paw make sure you use extra flour on the ornament and paw before pressing it in, this helps the dough from sticking to the paw or hair between the pads.

-Flour is your friend use it on the cutting board to prevent the dough from sticking when you roll it out.

-If you don’t have cookie cutters use the top of a cup or can to get your perfect circle.


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