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Real Talk on a Friday

Friday’s are my favorite day. The old 9-5 would make this normal but as a stay at home mom why is this still a thing? Friday symbolizes so much for me, it means the husband will be home for a couple FULL days, I get to have a glass or two of wine which I only enjoy on the weekends, if I need a little break I can actually do that without having my son pulling on my clothes as I walk around. Maybe you are starting to see the significance of my Fridays, they are the start to MY weekend too because being a stay at home mom is hard work! Some people call it a job and some think that’s wrong to consider raising your child to be a “job” but whatever you want to think of it as it is HARD WORK.

I feel inadequate pretty often, I am one of those suckers who love a good self development book, motherhood podcast, and lifestyle youtube video. As much as I find these helpful I also get overwhelmed trying to be this perfect person that is well rounded in all aspects. As women we are expected to BE everything to everyone and wear ALL the damn hats, let me tell you that just plain sucks. I sit and try to figure out how some of these women seem to get it all done, Time management? Having in home help? Secret superpowers I’ve yet to figure out how to obtain? I see the last as the most likely way because I just can’t seem to do it.

The days you get the most done are the most accomplished yet exhausting. The perfect meals for your family, get a work out done, self care (whats that?!), playing and teaching your kids, clean home, walked dog, money saved, get to school on time, go on vacation….the list goes on. Feeling organized is something my mother instilled in me at a young age. We always had a clean home, time for fun and healthy dinners. As a single mom she made time for everything for me to make these my memories but at a sacrifice to herself. Selflessness is key to being a mom in so many ways but at what point do you also matter? Have you ever thought about your own mom being stressed, unhealthy, tired and sad? As an adult that would probably break your heart so why should we think this wouldn’t affect our now young children? It most certainly does! I wish it was as simple as “Hey! Give yourself grace” and I would automatically be like “Ok cool! I can do that”. I’ve struggled with so many changes in the last two years how could it not affect my mental and physical health? Pregnancy is hard on the body alone and it does’t end the moment that sweet baby is earth side. The amount of problems a woman faces is endless, I always think to the past and how women have dealt with these problems for centuries with grace so why are we all struggling so hard now? Or is it just finally ok to talk about?

This blog is more of a “Hey! Here’s how I’m feeling lately” which is a little out of my norm but I feel like I can just be myself and tell you my struggles. I drive myself daily to clean my home, be the best mom to my son, be a good wife, work out, have healthy meals and plan vacations. Writing is a outlet for me and I have had a hard time finding time to do it lately. I am so blessed and thankful to have this life but that doesn’t mean it’s not ok to have feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. My family is my everything and I love them with all my heart and sometimes wanting to everything possible for them is just an impossible weight to bear. There’s not much of a point to this blog but maybe to show at least one person they aren’t feeling this way alone. Happy Friday my friends!

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