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Organic Face Serum DIY

This DIY face serum has been my favorite little skin care product to make. It is super easy, customizable and very cheap! My mom came to visit and the cold weather here in England dried her skin out so bad. She wanted to go to the store and get some expensive face serum to add with her moisturizer when I told her I would make her a little something to try first. Needless to say she was impressed with how well this serum worked and the fact it cost very little to make.

First I have to say I have very normal skin that is not acne prone, that being said the oil I use is almond, hemp or rapeseed. Those oils are not the best for all skin types! There are so many other oils you can use in this based on your skin type, google can help you find the best fit for you! I use essential oils in mine but honestly just a good organic oil can be used plain if you have sensitive skin or don’t want the added benefits of some of these oils. 

Note: The essential oils I use in my face serum are mostly young living due to their potency and purity. I use Frankincense from another brand mainly because I don’t have the extra cash to pay for YL’s brand which it a steep $75 but I’m sure SO worth it for those who can foot that bill. 

So onto the recipe! That’s what you’re all here for anyway right? Grab yourself a little cup/jar/dropper….just about anything to hold the oil. If you have a smaller container you may want to use less drops or more for a bigger container.

-Fill your container about 80% with your oil of choice.
(Mine is almond and a tiny bit of coconut always 100% organic)

-Add your EO’s to the Oil
10 Drops Frankincense (Anti aging)
5 Drops Lavender (Calms red skin)
3 Drops Purification (Supports healthy skin, brightening)
(Add any oils you want for your skin! Tea tree is great for acne)

-Give it a good mix and Voila! 

Now you have face serum without a bunch of weird chemicals and a price tag you’ll never forgive yourself for. I swear by this stuff and use it morning and night! I also love making this for people so feel free to drop me an email at and I would be happy to send you a small sample to try out! I also would be happy to recommend types of oils and essential oils for you as well so let me know below or in an email if you have any questions!

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