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   Do you want to build a snowman? As crazy as it sounds my whole reason for wanting to go to Norway is due to Disney’s Pixar movie Frozen. Something about the Scandinavian look of the movie mixed with gorgeous water views and mountains I was just fascinated. For my birthday we decided to head up to Oslo, Norway for 2 nights in August. We flew out of London Stansted in the morning and flew into Norway in about 2 hours. Once we landed we planned to take the train into the city because we flew into Torp Sandefjord Airport which was about an hour and forty five minutes away. The scenery from the airport to Oslo was fantastic and totally worth the extra leg of the trip. 

   Once we arrived at the Oslo Central Station from Torp we had a brief 15 minute walk to our air bnb which is by far the most stylish pace we’ve ever stayed. I felt like I was in Zenon’s European apartment furnished with champagne and pink furniture all over, a very modern shower and a 4 foot high platform bed. I felt like a true scandi gal in that place, my husband on the other hand could have done with less pink. Located a in a safe neighborhood it was pretty easy to walk to dinner and to find a bus to take us to the tourist attractions near by.

   That night we went to dinner at a restaurant with Norwegian cuisine called Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri and it was to die for! We started with a cheese plate and for our mains I had a wonderful seafood chowder and CJ had a beef dish with potatoes. The next morning we went on the hunt for Skolebrød (School Bread), As long time Disney fans you can always get this treat at the Norway Pavillion in Epcot so of course we had to find the real thing! We found a cute coffee shop called Godt Brød that made us one fresh and oh my was is better than anything Epcot could have offered. The bread was soft and warm with the coconut on top and the cream inside was so sweet.

   That day we went to the viking ship museum and it was very small but SO worth the little 20 minute journey from the city to see (we took the bus to get there). The ships they had along with artifacts were just stunning! Filled with history and handcrafted tools the museum did not disappoint. We grabbed a few souvenirs including a bear for our son (we get one in each country), some magnets and post cards we headed back to town. Located on the beautiful Oslo fjord are the shopping areas of Aker Brygge next to the Nobel Peace Center which was founded in 2005. A cute boardwalk with restaurants as far as the eye can see we decided to walk down that way for some lunch. We walked all the way to the end where they have a theatre and sculpture garden and took some fun pictures. Across the fjord is the Akershus Fortress, we walked over there and hiked to the top for some great views but didn’t go into the actually castle itself. It’s a bit harder to tourist around as you’d like when you have a small baby but we make do with what we can and it’s always a good time.

   We spent our final evening eating sushi at a nearby spot which was nothing special but satiated us for the evening. We had some tea back in the apartment, cuddled on the couch and went to bed ready for a busy morning of travel. With only one full day in Oslo it was a quick trip but filled with great memories! 

   Norway I must say was the most expensive place we’ve visited which is why we kept it a quick trip. One US dollar is equivalent to 8.6 Norweigian Krone so even something as cheap as coffee and a school bread could cost around $15 and dinners about $30-60 per entree depending on where you eat. Alcohol is the most expensive and hard to obtain, we had a beer/wine at each place we went because we love to try local when we can but to buy at a supermarket it’s all behind lock and key and very pricey. Know your budget when you go to this country is the best advice I can give. For two nights after travel and hotel we spent close to $600 on food, attractions and souvenirs which as I mentioned was only a one museum, a bus ticket, 2 dinners, one lunch, and one breakfast. CHACHING! Our wallets hurt after that one but so very worth it.

   Overall the trip was fantastic and I would love to go back to see some of the more northern parts and even the northern lights one day. The Fjords were like nothing you’ve ever seen, food was delicious and the town was friendly and stylish. Norway is such a special place and it will continue to be one of our most memorable trips.

Until next time friends! Feel free to email me any other questions and I would be happy to help in anyway!

Note: I was waiting until we visited Belgium to really be able to say that Norway has the BEST chocolate in Europe! It’s the cheapest and most delicious I have ever had, you can get it at any 7 Eleven! The chocolate in Norway I love is called Melkesjokolade. I was hesitant to write this in the beginning because everyone says Belgium has the best chocolate but since visiting and trying both the cheap and very expensive type I must say Melkesjokolade takes the cake! Make sure to pick up a bar or 5 and even send some my way since you can ONLY get this in Norway! Cheers!

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