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Non Toxic Bath Products

So many children and adults suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and rashes but do they ever think about what they are putting on their skin? Everyday products you pick up from the store such as Suave, Pantene and Johnson and Johnson are filled with preservatives and harmful chemicals. People reach for those first because of familiarity and price point for the most part but also because they were raised on the same products. If mom used it, it must be ok right?

If you search the web for harmful chemicals you’re bound to get thousands of unpronounceable names that will leave your head spinning. When researching companies that fill their stuff with crap you may want to start with whats in your medicine cabinet first, no need to overwhelm yourself. There is a fantastic app you can get on any smart phone called “Think Dirty” which scans your product and let you know what is harmful and how “clean” it is. Start small and look into your everyday culprits such as face moisturizer, shampoos and body washes you will be shocked to find out what is in them! Below is a list of some common culprits to avoid as most are linked to a type of cancer, skin problem and even some affect infertility!

If you have never thought a day in your life about what you put on your body don’t be hard on yourself it’s not an overnight change. It will take time to fully integrate and discover new products that suit your needs minus the bad stuff inside. I’m going to list a few of my favorite body products for myself and my family, just know not every product will be for you or even 100% clean. It is so hard to find good products with clean ingredients and a good price tag unless you make it yourself so I hope you find something to take a little less yuck out of your life in this post. Also, please please please share with me your favorites! It’s always fun to find new great things to try.

LUSH I have to say holds a very special place in my heart. A little on the pricier side but it’s the only thing we have found to help my son’s eczema. My favorites from them as listed below along with their website to get your order on!
-Oaty Dreamy Creamy (Shower wash for my son)
-Dreamy Creamy (Lotion for my son)
-Sleepy Lotion (I love this before bed)
– Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask ( Self care Sunday must have!)

Shea Moisture is a great lower cost option that we like to keep in our shower, we use their shampoo and body washes. the baby olive oil scent is my favorite it smells like a little man when we used it on own son. I haven’t found a product of theirs I don’t like.

Alba Bontanica has a fantastic skin care and I love their mango shampoo in the summer! It gives you such a delicious smell and feels so fresh!

Pacifica is great for cosmetics, I enjoy their mascara, eye shadows and tinted moisturizer. You can find them just about anywhere and the ruby red guava scent is to die for!

Acure has a great line of skin care and body products, I’ve mainly used the skin care and was pleased with it.

Any health food store or market will have a number of brands that have cleaner options for you and your loved ones. Take the time to look at the ingredients and research what chemicals could be causing current symptoms you are experiencing. I have heard wild stories of women who struggled with infertility and changed to a non toxic body lotion or soap and became pregnant not long after. Skin conditions that have cleared up overnight with the simple change of what was being used. Always remember you get one body and your health is so very important. Make it count and give your skin what it deserves. Till next time my friends!

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