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No Poo Hair Washing Method

I first heard the “No Poo” and thought…what the HELL is that! I read about it in Jessica Albas book “The Honest Life” which if you haven’t read and are interested in a holistic living, eating  and beauty you need to jump on over to Amazon and order it. I am always looking for new ways to replace chemical-ridden products in my home and bathroom. I make my own face cleanser, toner, moisturizer etc so I thought why not give No poo a shot.

Now what is “No Poo”? I’m glad you asked! It’s the theory that using everyday household items to wash your hair (ie baking soda, water, apple cider vinegar) is more gentle and easier on the hair we tend to over clean, over heat and over product. I’m going into this little “experiment” with the hesitation that I do NOT like dirty hair, I know it’s so bad for you to wash your hair every day but I can barely go 2 days without it which is why I know I need a change or at least a little break. My hair has always been dry, brittle and fine but I have a lot of it. My hair used to be curly but through dying and heating it it barely holds a light wave these days which makes me so sad. 

I’m going to be sharing with you my experience with this and hope that it gives my hair the life it’s been lacking. Im going to give you the recipe of the No poo and Hair rinse that I’ve found through some many different websites I’ve researched and the process in which I’ve decided to go about it. 

I am choosing to wait every 3-4 days between washes, The first 4 days wasn’t all that hard because when curl or straighten my hair I tend to leave it in for 2 days before I wash it. When it came to day 3 I left my hair up in a top knot all day with a bunch of dry shampoo. On the 4th day I had it up in the morning and after I worked out in the afternoon I went for my first “No Poo” wash. If you have ever tried sulfate free shampoo you know the feeling when shampoo doesn’t seem to glide or cover your hair, it can almost be a sticky feeling (at least with my hair). I was somewhat used to that feeling so when I used the No poo and rinse it was a similar texture but because I was pouring it on my hair it didn’t feel so bad actually. No my hair wasn’t silky smooth after and I can still feel oil on the roots but according to what I’ve read and people I’ve talked too, that’s normal and part of the process. 

I’ve been told it takes 4-6 weeks to get the oil out but as long as 3-6 months to really see a noticeable difference. I am going to give this the good ol’ college try and see what it can do for me. Below I will list the recipes I’ve used and updates over the weeks.


“No Poo”

(I used a cleaned out Starbucks Frappucino Bottle)

1 Tbsp Baking Soda

Filled the rest with distilled or boiled water

-Pour over hair or put in a spray bottle and spray it all over

Hair rinse:

1 Part apple cider vinegar

6-10 parts filtered water

-Pour over hair after use of No Poo


Add tea to condition the hair (The best are sage, nettle, black tea)

Tea tree oil for a little smell and it helps clear away the oil (I used 3 drops)

Two week update: I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner for the first time last night, I was so surprised how clean my hair seemed just using the “No Poo” but I was ready to get a good clean. You’re suppose to go as long as you can or just never shampoo and conditioner again with this but that just didn’t work for me. My hair was shiny and fuller for sure, I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of volume in years! I love the way the no poo works and how easy and cheap it is to maintain, I never felt my hair be super greasy and a little dry shampoo here and there helped with that (I use Baptiste or Lush dry shampoo). I plan to continue this by only washing with shampoo and conditioner once every two weeks and “No Poo” in between. I did find myself wearing my hair up more than usual which I did purposely to keep myself from playing with my hair which makes it more oily. I will give y’all another update at 1 month to let you know how it’s going. 

Second Update: Alright y’all it’s been about 6 months and while I can’t say I have stuck to the No Poo method 100% I would say a solid 85%. I use gluten free shampoo and conditioner I randomly found a TJMaxx while trying to clean up my products and I use that to wash my hair about once a week or two weeks. I went and had my roots touched up and my hair stylist was SHOCKED at how much new hair growth I had. It’s about an inch or so at the top of my head but there is so much of it. I think switching to a more natural method of cleaning my hair has allowed it grow stronger and longer and for this I am incredibly thankful. I will post some pictures this week of my new hair growth. I know I totally dropped the ball by not taking before pictures but as I’m not try to endorse any product I can tell you this is completely my experience alone and I promise it’s real lol. I hope you give it a try and let you hair breathe from the insane amount of chemicals most hair products saturate your hair with. I also have been using the app “Think Dirty” to clean out my entire bathroom and cleaning products. Check it out and let me know what kinds of things you switch in your home!

Note: Devacurl makes their own type of “No poo” I have heard great things about but haven’t tried myself. Let me know if you try this and what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “No Poo Hair Washing Method”

  • I’m actually pretty keen to give this a try! My hair is pretty done and dull, so I wonder if trying this regime would perk it up a bit. If not, I’d like the other benefits just as much – better for the environment and the savings account!

    • It’s definitely worth a shot I am so glad I tried it, it really made me realize how much I was over washing and it wasn’t even needed! I hope you like it too!

  • I need to try this! I usually go about a week between washes but if I can drag the out even more it would be awesome. Did you notice any change in the color?

    • I didn’t notice a change in color much and I have caramel highlights but I also used tea in mine which could affect color so you could always try it without tea to avoid the chance! <3

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