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Easy Healthy Toddler Breakfast

I had no idea what to feed my 1 year old for breakfast, I mean I have a smoothie in the morning and thats about it. I am not a morning person and need hours to officially wake up, why am I this way? I wish I could be a morning person but it just isn’t me so when my son wakes up bright and early and has his cup of milk I know breakfast time is coming. How am I suppose to come up with breakfast ideas when I can barely open my eyes and get up? Well that’s called being a mom so time to suck it up, get up and feed my little endless pit his first of many meals in a day (where does it all go?!). My go to is usually Cheerios and a fruit pouch, though that may be easy Cheerios are full of sugar and pouches aren’t a meal to him anymore. I started to give him a little of my smoothie in the morning and he LOVED it! I didn’t want to give him a lot because I have my protein and superfoods in mine and his tummy probably wouldn’t enjoy all that extra jazz because he doesn’t need it. I made a vow to start feeding him healthy and wholesome breakfasts so I thought I would share with you some ideas I have found and thought of. Tyler is a pickier eater, he used to eat anything in sight but now his taste buds are telling him “no” to most foods and I have to respect that while still trying to feed him the proper nutrition. 

Scrambled eggs and fruit ( I tend to add a little cheese in the eggs and use more seasonal fruit)

Kid friendly smoothie (There are tons of recipes out there! I use Arla coconut yogurt in ours)

Whole Grain waffles with peanut butter (Our favorite)

Toast with peanut butter or sugar free jam

Mini muffins (There are a million recipes on Pinterest for these)

Birch Benders Pancakes with peanut butter

Breakfast quesadilla (I usually put peanut butter and bananas or eggs and cheese inside)

Arla Coconut Yogurt with strawberries (A messy favorite)

Mini Omelet with veggies (Great way to chop up some small veggies and sneak them in)

Whole Grain French Toast with sugar free syrup



I will link my favorite brands below but I have to share one of my favorites from this list. BIRCH BENDERS PANCAKES they are amazing and come in so many different flavors. The one we typically use is the 6 grain cinnamon and add some peanut butter on the top. I will make a big batch and freeze them for easy mornings. My husband prefers the chocolate chip pancake mix and I like the plain because I’ll add in my own flavors (Like a little pumpkin spice or fresh blueberries).

 I don’t know about you but I am salivating over here! Breakfast doesn’t have to be hard, a struggle or a 3 course meal for your little one. Do what is best for you and your family and I hope some of these suggestions will help you out! 

Pancake Mix:


Coconut Yogurt:

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