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Exploring the world with a holistic heart

Meet Nicole

Hey y’all! I have been asked more times than I can count how I can travel so often on a single income military paycheck. This is my favorite topic because a year ago I couldn’t have told you but just envied the people around me who made it work. I wanted to share about myself and the little things in life that spark that roaring fire inside. I am Nicole Doughty and I like so many others am a wife, mama, daughter and friend. I also happen to be a military wife with the blessing to travel, a heart for holistic nutrition and being a mama to my sweet boy Tyler. This blog is going a to be a few things so if you are looking for a mama who knows a little about a lot you’re in the right place. I want to share my travel experiences with you, my favorite recipes, books, homemade cosmetics and mama must haves. So feel free to read, share, laugh and cry! This is a space for everyone to learn a little and feel whatever they feel. 

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